12 Best Beaches in Guimaras Island

12 Best Beaches in Guimaras Island

D.Tourism in the Philippines in particular is an important tourism industry, with some treasured vacation destinations still looming on its 7,641 islands. One of these islands is the dying island of Gemaras, an island province in the country’s West Vesuvius region. It looks out over the blue wonders, overlooks the Bay of Pines and is proud of its ivory coast.

The best beaches on the island of Guarus
The best beaches on the island of Guarus

If you ever get a chance to hop on a plane and go to Guymars Island, don’t miss it! It will be an experience in the paradise of a demolishing tropical island that you will certainly not trade for anything else.

Gamers is known not only for its ancient beaches and beach resorts, but also for its unique monasteries, fascinating plazas, amazing caves, historic shrines and churches and other tourist attractions.

Although the gamers tourism industry exists, it is still striving to reach great heights. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best beaches in this province of the island.

Gamers may be small, but there are places of interest and beautiful beaches. It is also the mango capital of the Philippines.
Gamers may be small, but there are places of interest and beautiful beaches. It is also the mango capital of the Philippines.

Great time to watch gamers

Gamers share the seasons with the majority of the Philippines. It is recommended that you visit Gimaras during the summer season, which is also the driest season of the season. This is the perfect climate to enjoy the walking sun and the sea.

The summer season is from January to May. It gets the hottest in April and May.

Beaches in Buenos Aires, Guevara

East Valencia Beach

East Valencia Beach in Gomaras Photo by Volker Reef via Facebook
East Valencia Beach in Gomaras Photo by Volker Reef via Facebook

This beach is actually a sequence of historic battles during World War II. It was a battle fought by General MacArthur’s forces against Japanese forces who tried to seize the island, leaving unpleasant historical memories. It was originally called “Mantatangi” by locals but was later renamed “East Valencia” by US troops who struggled with the pronunciation of the original name.

East Valencia is now one of the finest beaches in Gomars with golden sand, clear water and palm trees. There are many beach resorts that can serve as your accommodation during your stay.

We recommend staying at the Cecil Beach Resort and Island Grill, which has an ancient swimming pool, volleyball court, air-conditioned rooms, and even shed houses.

Beach in Jordan, Gimaras

Eve Maria Islet

A picture of Guymars in Avon Maria Islet by Tiger Leila via Facebook
Guymars photo at Avon Maria Islet via Tiger Leila via Facebook / @SpiceGalclub

Evan Maria Islet is a small island off the coast of Barangay Laui in Jordan. It is an island of the island and is a popular tourist destination due to its numerous tourist activities.

You can raise fish, spot coral face systems, go snorkeling, hop between islands, rent a boat. Best of all, all of these activities are initially friendly, and you don’t need to be technically savvy to enjoy them. The sand is still there and the water is mostly calm, while the beach is a great place to land against the vast Bay of Panay.

Bars Beach

By James Stevenson Bars Beach Resort via Flickr CC
By James Stevenson Bars Beach Resort via Flickr CC

Bars Beach offers a variety of beach resorts to choose from, as well as a variety of recreational activities. You can camp overnight with your friends, ride a tricycle around the area, or hop in between the islands.

It is a quiet beach that offers a rustic island that is perfect against the sunset. Don’t forget to visit one of the caves in Bars Beach which is home to the native wildlife of Gomars!

اسلا نبوروٹ

Isla Nabroot image via FB page
Isla Nabroot image via FB page

The real charm of Isla Nabrut lies in the serenity and secrecy it offers to its tourists. This is where you can enjoy a quiet vacation away from the pressures of life, work, and social media noise.

The food is especially sophisticated and delicious and it’s definitely worth your while! At night, the whole island is lit up with lamps and candles, an even more relaxed and romantic feeling. You also have a free-growing garden for nature lovers.

Isla Nabrut actually translates to “beautiful island”, and because of its calm and serene beauty it is also called “one soul island”. For accommodation, there are only 6 villas within the island, of which only 5 are open to the public. These villas offer excellent food, hospitality and local craftsmanship.

Tetlong Polo Beach

Photo of Titlong Polo Beach around Guymarson via the World FB page
Photo of Titlong Polo Beach around Guymarson via the World FB page

Located on Titlong Polo Island, Titlong Polo Beach is named after the three karst formations within the island. Unlike the other beaches on this list, it is not so attractive to tourists despite its beauty. Its lack of popularity among tourists is largely due to the lack of electricity within the island.

Tetlong Polo Beach Resort is the most recommended, as it offers excellent views of the beach and the waters. There are cool natural air cottages that you can rent for a real off-grid island adventure.

Beaches in Nueva Valencia

البیہود بیچ

Al-Behud Beach by Jerry Palda
Al-Behud Beach by Jerry Palda

The important thing about Albehud Beach is that it doesn’t have great ivory beaches or still blue waters – it’s actually rock formations along the coast.

A popular tourist activity in Albehud Beach is a hopping tour of the island along the nearby islands of Bars Beach and Turtle Island. The most recommended accommodation is the Ryman Beach Resort, a choice for Allelo locals seeking to escape the city over the weekend.

Gas Beach

Gucci Beach via Instagram @ gone_daiva
Gucci Beach via Instagram @ gone_daiva

If you’re on a trip to the famous 18th-century Spanish Gossip Lighthouse, you don’t have to miss Gassie Beach. The lighthouse was built to guide the seas passing through the Elvi Gimaras Strait, but it is now a tourist attraction.

Goisi Beach may not boast of white sand beaches or blue waters, but the real focus of this beach is on its rustic and welcoming beach. There are so many activities. Running out of water, snorkeling, tanning, or even cooling off the beach.

In addition to the lighthouse, the island’s Trappist Monastery is a must. It is the only Tropist monastery in the whole country, and so far more than 35 monks continue to call it their home.

Tando Beach

Photo of Tando Beach by Nature's Eye Resort
Photo of Tando Beach by Nature’s Eye Resort

In Nueva Valencia, Tando is still very developed. That is why you will enjoy the raw and natural beauty of the beach. The beach is not proud of the white sand but forms the interesting beach that serves as its beach. Even within the original island there are forests and lush greenery.

For accommodation, we recommend the Nature Eye Light Resort, which incorporates natural wood huts into the island’s own wildlife. This is a tactic that benefits the “natural” aspect of Tando. There are hemaxes, indigenous cottages, sea view rooms, mountain cottages and other types of accommodation.

Tenigubin Islet

Tenigoben Islet by Anna Jane Vitog Owing via Facebook
Tenigoben Islet by Anna Jane Vitog Owing via Facebook

The main attraction of Tenny Goban Islet is not the beautiful beaches or the rocky outcrops, but the unusual sight of red squirrels called Polling Passian.

Although red crabs are not uncommon, and we often see seafood in our plates in butter or shiny in garlic, Polling Pasayan allows the crabs to be seen in their red and living glory. However, crabs appear only when the tide is high enough that seawater fills groundwater basins.

Beach in San Lorenzo

San Enrique Beach

Photo of San Enrique Beach via Winchester Beach Resort FB
Photo of San Enrique Beach via Winchester Beach Resort FB

San Enrique Beach offers stunning views along the walking trail and tranquil surroundings. It’s perfect for relaxing and enjoying heaven. The island’s favorite accommodation is Playa de Paraiso Beach Resort, which offers great views of the beach.

There are coconut trees all around the beach, which provide beautiful shade against the sand at sunset. The Playa de Perez offers great food and great rooms, which make customers very satisfied. The resort also offers a pool, entertainment and other facilities.

Beach in Sibonag

Islands of Amplify

InPulugan Islands from Ma Nesa Jolipas via FB
InPulugan Islands from Ma Nesa Jolipas via FB

Animplugun is an island off the coast of Guimaras. Unlike other beaches on this list, it is not heard of, but it still deserves its place in this list. There is no obsession with tourism on other islands, and this is great if you want to spend some time in search of a soul away from stress or emotional noise.

The Costa Aguada offers great rooms, warm and welcoming staff, a private pool and private beach, as well as a fully equipped bar where you can have fun – playing cards, darts, Billiards and much more.

Nagaro Island

Nigrau Island Resort
Nigrau Island Resort

Sandy beaches, rising coral reefs, light blue waters, calm and secluded atmosphere. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. You can also join the island hopping tour, snorkeling, sailing or sightseeing.

Nagaro Island Resort is our special choice for a place to stay. It is an ecosystem that is ethically ecological in performing its functions. It offers tiled individual cottages and delicious fresh seafood.

They were the 12 best and most beautiful beaches hidden in the small island of Guimaras Province. What are you waiting for? Get on the plane now and experience the beauty of gamers!

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