Avignon Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things To Do In Avignon, France

Avignon Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things To Do In Avignon, France

What are the top tourist attractions in the French city of Aegean?

LAvignon is a beautiful medieval city in southeastern France. Walking around the city, the capital of Vauxhall, will take you back to the charming architectural design of middle age. In addition to natural landscapes, Eugene is known around the world for its rich history and beautiful tourist attractions. To enhance your vacation experience here, here is a list of individually available activities in this charming French city:

Fear on the historic French bridge

Pont Saint Bonnett is also called Pont de Augenen
Pont Saint Bonnett is also known as the Pente de Augenen

Pont Saint Bonnett, also known as Pont de Eugene, is a historic wooden bridge. It adorns the beautiful river of Rowan with its middle-aged beauty. In Avignon, it attracts the attention of famous tourists as it competes with the exams of different times. Many artistic visitors have been impressed by this famous moment, as has the song Cerro Le Pont de Eugene. Visit the surviving arches of this World Heritage Site for the best photo experience.

Take a shuttle boat ride to the island of Barless

Barteles Island
Barteles Island

Escape from the tourist attractions and retreat to the tranquil landscape of Bartholomew Island. At 700 hectares, this large river island is the largest island in Europe. There are many ways to get to this amazing river island, which is the most beautiful by boat. A free boat shuttle is known as the Bac du Rocher des Domes and regularly takes tourists to this convenient island. If motion sickness is a concern, you can cross the Ord Daladier Bridge and reach your destination in about 10 minutes. You can also take your car and spend a day with friends. This is even better if you have a simple HD camera, because the jaw-dropping scene is one of the albums.

Say your prayers at Egonon Cathedral

Egnon Cathedral
Egnon Cathedral

This Romanesque church is the most beautiful in its time as well as in modern times. It has attracted and blessed tourists and churchgoers since its inception, during the 12th century. This cathedral is home to a variety of artistic treasures, making sure you take the time to enjoy this precious sight. You will see an impressive octagonal dome, two limbs, and a medieval throne used by many agen popes.

Visit an impressive French garden

Le Rocher des Domus Photo by Wikipedia CC Felix Charpantier
Felix Charpentier (1858 – 1924) Photo by Le Rocher des Domus Veronica Pagner – Travel Officer, Domain Public, CC

Notable bile of Lee Rocher des Doms leafy garden garden garden garden since garden 18 18 18 around around around since since …………………….. ………………………………………….. ………………………………………. for … ………………………………………. Attention of this tourist I also include several famous sculptures, such as Felix Charpantier with Venus Souls. There is a view in the middle of Venice Pond. In the shade of lush trees, feel free to sit by the bench and enjoy the reflective atmosphere.

Visit the Calvary Museum

Calvary Museum Amateur via Wikipedia CC
Calvary Museum by Shoshanah – https://www.flickr.com/photos/shoshanah/18563068/, CC BY 2.0, CC

The Central Museum of Eugene is more commonly known as the Museo Calvary. In this museum, you will find lots of gold, ironing, porcelain and tapestry from Asian, Oceanian and African cultures. One of the most interesting things here is the finely glazed ceramic pearls and figures found in Egypt dating back to 4000 BC. Esprit Calvet, the museum’s largest collection, is inspired by the name of the gallery. Learn about its collection and the world of stories behind each item only at the Calvet Museum.

Spend a day in a charter house

The Carthaginian Monastery of Agen is one of the largest and most notable charter houses in France. In addition to its spiritual and cultural treasures, it also features a fresh exhibition of the demolition of the Matteo Gianniti. Today, Charter House is also a place for actors during festivals.

Take pictures of your choice

Pont du Guard Aqueduct
Pont du Guard Aqueduct

If you still want to take photos in a truly unique location, we have the perfect destination for you. Roman Ecuador is a kind of destination. You won’t be particularly wrong with the longest and most preserved Roman Equestrian Bridge, which has earned itself the status of a World Heritage Site. The Pont du Guard Aqueduct will give you stunning photos through aerial view or through a wide-angle lens. Many travelers make sure that they capture every moment of the picture perfectly. If you are such a traveler, be sure to check out Avignon’s Pont du Guard Ecuador.

Correct your prayers in the Church of St. Pierre

Veronica Pigner at St. Peter's Basilica Avignon via Wikipedia CC
St. Peter’s Basilica Avignon Paravronk Pigner – Travel Officer, Domain Public, CC

Legends and myths, that is. Visiting a church for the first time entitles you to the wishes of all three. If you are upset about something and haven’t been to Eugene’s church, the best time is right away. Whether you believe in this myth or not, it is not a bad idea to take your heart’s desires to the gates of heaven on earth. Wishes and prayers come true!

Check out the most famous castle in Avignon

Palace of the Popes
Palace of the Popes

The Palace of the Pope is one of the largest and most important Gothic buildings in Europe. If you are wondering just why it should be said that this fort belongs to many popes throughout history. It has seen revolts, enlightenments, pilgrimages, massacres and rise to power. The castle is known to the French as the Palais des Peps, and is one of the most visited attractions in Avignon. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit it when you are in France.

Eat like the French

French food
French food

There are many restaurants in Eugene dedicated to serving national food. If you want to eat like an authentic Frenchman, you will not run out of options. If you’re looking for the latest options available on most menus, the combination of stew and stack offered with fried potatoes won’t disappoint. Steve’s popular option in Eugene is called Put-O-Few. Although Macaron is famous in France, it originated in Italy. If you want an authentic French dessert, Koich is a popular French spice. You can also try it in the form of cheesecake, which is made using traditional recipes. If you like truffles, they usually last from November to March. Congratulations food!

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