Avila Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things to Do in Avila, Spain

Avila Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things to Do in Avila, Spain

AVilla is known as the highest provincial capital of Spain. Surrounded by its fortified medieval castles, Ovila is also called the town of stones and saints, and has the largest number of Gothic and Romantic churches in Spain. Ovila is located just 88 kilometers from Madrid, making it the easiest passage from the capital. Avila’s visit is like going into another realm, with a wealth of extraordinary and natural monuments.

View through the Depositphotos in the Avila photo of the Convent Santa Teresa
View through the Depositphotos in the Avila photo of the Convent Santa Teresa

In addition to its amazing architecture, due to the inconvenient peaks of the Sella Grados Mountains, Ella also offers some spectacular views. Ovila was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Spain in 1985.

There are so many things to do and see in Ovila.

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Fortress of Daviset, Castell and Lyon, Spain photo by deposit photo
Fortress of Daviset, Castell and Lyon, Spain photo by deposit photo

There are famous city walls around the ancient city of Avila in the city of Merallas. Having been well preserved since the Middle Ages, the city’s walls are an attraction. It was built by the ruler of the city under the name of Raymondo de Burgona and was built between 1090 and 1099.

Standing at a height of 12 meters, the walls are 2,556 meters long with cranulated towers and towers every 20 meters.

Nine gates offer access to the city. The walls of Ovila are UNESCO listed and are considered one of the city’s strongest defenses on earth.

Appreciate the architecture of the Real Monastery de Santo Tomas

The original Monsanto de Santo Thomas entry was sold by Wikipedia CC
Admission to the original Monsterio de Santo Thomas by Selbimae – Your Work, CC BY-SA 3.0S, CC

Absolutely lying from the outskirts of town, the Dominican Church of St. Thomas was built in 13Th To serve as a summer vacation for the Catholic kings of the twentieth century of Thomas de Torquemada and Maria Deola.

His face has a serious appearance and a gloomy interior, but it is still worth seeing. Inside the Pedro de Berguit masterpiece, which includes a masterpiece called the Retablo, you will find many attractions.

Browse artifacts at the Museo de Ovila

Museo de Ovila by Zarateman via Wikipedia CC
Museo de Ovila by Zeratman – Your work, CC0, CC

While the walls and monasteries tell you a little bit about the town’s history, a visit to the Museo de Ovila reveals not only the town but also the depths of the past of its people and important events that Form today’s era.

Found in Plaza Nalilos, the museum has a wide range of permanent exhibits that lean towards the city’s culture, the province’s history and other artifacts.

See Capella de Mozen Ruby de Breckmont

Chapel of Mozen by Ruby Hawkins Swiss via Wikipedia CC
Chapel of Mozen by Ruby D. Hawkins Swanson (Exosa) – by Turbazo Propio, BC 2.5, CC

This beautiful Catholic church is one of the main attractions of Ovila. Head to Plaza Font El Sol and you’ll find it at Cathedral 16Th Century, with shades of stunning Spanish Gothic style and Manchester design.

The interior of his church is beautiful, with its gold offerings as the center.

Find statues in Palacio de las Verdogo

Plasio de las Verdogo Home Wikipedia CC via Zartman
Polisio de las Verdogo home de Zartman – Turbazo Propo, CC BY-SA 3.0 S, CC

If you don’t quench your thirst for antiquities at the Museo de Ovila, head downstairs to the Black de Lopez News Street, where you will find 15-year-old Palacio de las Verdogo.ThThe Sanitary Museum features hundreds of unique sculptures and symbols that reflect how the city’s defenses worked in ancient times.

Here you will also find the Municipal Archives and the Department of Cultural Heritage.

Admire the beautiful wonders of the Sierra de Grados

Sierra de Grados photo for Wikipedia CC
Sierra de Grados photo for Wikipedia CC

The amazing mountain range of the Sierra de Grados is inside the safe natural park of the city of Ovila and offers a calming effect, especially after a long day of sightseeing.

Explore the park as well as the nature walks around it.

Surprise at the architecture of the Catedral de Ovila

Avila Cathedral Spain
Avila Cathedral Spain

Savior’s Cathedral is a medieval church in Avila. It is one of the most visited places in the city and has an incredible romantic style with some traces of Spanish Gothic. The church was built inside Merleau, a place that gives it extra points with visitors.

See Convento de Santa Teresa

Convento de Santa Teresa by Hawkinson Swanson via Wikipedia CC
Convento de Santa Teresa by Hacken Swenson (Exosa) – own work, by 2.5, cc

Located opposite Porta de la Santa, St. Theresa’s is the place where Santa Teresa was born. It was built in 15Th The caramelite is to serve as a covenant for nuns in the century.

Although not as mysterious as the other churches in the city, it is still worth visiting and exploring the room in which Santa Teresa was born.

The Convento de Santa Teresa was designed by Free Alonso de San Jose, while the statue of Santa Teresa was created by Gregorio Fernandez.

Head to Convento de las Clarisas

The Convent of the Los Gordals of the Clare Mothers via Wikipedia CC
Calvary Mothers Convent Las Gordiles de Zartimen – Watermelon Propo, CC 0, CC

The Convento de las Clarissas is located in the Black Cristo de la Luz and features a beautiful garden and Herrera-style designs. It is a popular treat in the city and offers visitors a glimpse into the Franciscan lifestyle.

The foundation of the Covenant was laid by the Count of Chinchen, the remains of which are present in the complex.

See Convento de Nostra Senora de Gracia

Convento de Nostra Senora de Gracia
Convento de Nostra Senora de Gracia de Zartimen – Trabazu Propio, CC0,

Another important covenant of the monastery of Avila, Convento de Nostra Senora de Gracia, or Lady of Grace, is 16ThSanitary building in which Queen Isabel I of La Catalica was born. Located in the Black Costa de Gracia, the covenant features the palace of John II, as well as a chapel and the bedroom of Queen Isabel I la Catolica.

There is also a gallery house with a collection of fine arts as well as documentaries about the history of Ovila.

Take a tour of the Pacific del Rastro

Pacio del Rastro via Varapedia CC
Pacio del Rastro via Varapedia CC

The Paceo del Rastro is a road that runs along the city walls of Ovila. With its tranquil surroundings, it is the ideal place for a late evening stroll while admiring the walls and other structures along the way.

Visit the Casa de las Carnicarias (Butcher House)

Casa de las Carnesiris via Varapedia CC
Casa de las Carnesiris via Varapedia CC

Casa de las Carniciras is a building from 16Th Century who served as Ovila’s greatest butcher. Here you will also find one of the wall gates and a map of the city.

Tour los quetro posts

Four posts by Avila via Wikipedia CC by Alvarel
Four posts by Ovila de Alloril. Turbozo Propio, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Las Quatro Potts (Four Posts) is a famous landmark outside the city. It is a sacred shrine that attracts many visitors daily. There are many stories that it was at this point that Mother Teresa was discouraged by her uncle from fleeing to testify.

Check out the Basilica de San Vicente

Basilica of San Vicente de Ovila by David Perez Wikipedia CC
San Vicente de Ovila’s Basilica by David Perez – Your Work, Through 3.0, CC

Located in Black San Vincent, San Vincent’s Basilica is another must-see church in Ovila. Built-in 11Th In the century, the church is one of the city’s oldest buildings and has some wonderfully romantic designs with Spanish Gothic style monuments.

Discover the city of Avila

Ovila, Spain. Photo of UNESCO World Heritage Site by DepositPhotos
Ovila, Spain. Photo of UNESCO World Heritage Site by DepositPhotos

Discover Avila’s culture, tradition, people and food by visiting the city and visiting local markets.

To help you plan your trip to Avila, we’ve listed places and other amazing activities to visit in Avila, Spain. We listed some of the best travel and tour packages, as well as great flight deals and accommodation.

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