Braga Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things to Do in Braga, Portugal

Braga Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things to Do in Braga, Portugal

K.Known as the oldest city in Portugal, Braga was discovered by the Romans as a settlement in the land of Baracara Augusta. After 2,000 years, this land became home to wonderful monuments, happy festivals, respectable traditions, and an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Barkara Augusta, who was then, is the Burgara of Portugal today.

Tourist places in Braga Portugal
Tourist places in Braga Portugal

Currently, the city, which is more than 2,000 years old, accommodates tourists from all over the world. Her focus includes great people, amazing landmarks, fascinating culture, a beautiful climate, and extraordinary activities to take part in. If you want to stay in Braga as much as possible, these activities will give you a lot of cultural entertainment:

Pass through Arco da Porta Nova

Arco da Porta Nova - The best thing to do in Barga Photos via Wikipedia CC
Arco da Porta Nova – The best work to do in Bitcoin photos via Bitcoin CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Built during the 18th century and opened in 1512, this winning chap was designed by the world-famous Andre Soares. It is truly a work of art in medieval times.

It is located in northern Portugal and continues to welcome and greet today’s tourists. The name of this altar is translated into English as “Arch of the New Door”.

Praise Brega Cathedral

Brega Cathedral
Brega Cathedral

The Roman Catholic Church is a very important structure in Portugal due to its historical and artistic significance. It consists of three aisles, a romantic transit, and five chapels.

According to legend, the first bishop of Berga was St. Peter of Rites. Upon entering this church, you will see interesting Gothic arches.

This is just the beginning of a beautiful escape. In the above stories, the effects are more subtle. Return to Portugal’s Memorial Lane as you immerse yourself in the beauty and history of this church.

Relax in a spa at Caldas do Gerês

Photo of Caldas du Jaris by Antonio Roi Alfonso Silva via Discover Portugal FB
Photo of Caldas du Jaris by Antonio Roi Alfonso Silva via Discover Portugal FB

If you are looking for a retreat experience, this spa in Jersey is the destination of your dreams. It is surrounded by beautiful lakes and mountains that are sure to relax your depressed muscles and alleviate your worries.

The spa was originally built during the reign of King John V and has since been frequented by various kings and queens. A series of demolitions and renovations of this building took a long time.

Even today, in the desolate heart of Barga, it is a thermal spa.

Visit the Capella da Nosa Senhora da Tora complex

Deposit photo in Capella da Nosa Sinhora da Torre Berga Portugal
Deposit photo in Capella da Nosa Sinhora da Torre Berga Portugal

This tourist spot is also known as the Lady’s Tower of Our Lady’s Chapel. The tower played an important role in protecting the city from damage in the Middle Ages.

Thereafter, the chapel was built as a token of gratitude for the protection afforded to the entire city, following a major earthquake in 1755.

Today, this chapel stands beautifully because it meets the tests of time.

See Agrija de Santa Cruz

Image of Agrija de Santa Cruz with deposit photos
Image of Agrija de Santa Cruz with deposit photos

This Santa Cruz monastery was built between 1132 and 1223. It was the most important monastery during the early years of the Portuguese monarchy. A visit to this church today will show you many valuable historical pieces.

Although the must-see pipe organ is baroque in style, much of the church is designed in Portugal. In addition to being a house of prayer, this ancient building is also the burial place of the first two kings of Portugal. Spend a few hours in this wonderful church and you will surely feel refreshed after that!

Spend some time at Agrija Dow Sao Marcos

Agroja da Sao Marcos in Brago Photo by Depositphotos
Church and Hospital of Sao Marcos (St. Mark’s) in Braga, Portugal

This beautiful church was built in the 18th century and was designed by Carlos Amarante and Jose Fernandes Graia. It includes many tempting statues representing the many apostles of Jesus Christ.

The statue of St. Mark is one of the notable ones to see here. He was bishop of the Eastern Christian Church and patron of the Agrija Dow S ڈاo Marcus. His tomb as well as his statue can be remembered here.

A walk around Jardim de Santa Barbara

Burga photo by Jardim de Santa Barbara by deposit photo
Burga photo by Jardim de Santa Barbara by deposit photo

This beautiful Santa Barbara garden was landscaped in 1955 by Jose Cardoso da Silva. Its lush greenery is further enhanced by standing statues, cedar tops and the ruins of a beautiful medieval palace.

In the middle of the garden fountain is a statue of St. Barbara. She is also known as the great martyr Barbara, an ancient Greek martyr and a representative of the patron saint of this garden.

Explore the history of the Museo de Bisquehous

Biscayhouse Museum by Sarah Silva via Wikipedia CC
Biscayhouse Museum by Sarah Silva via Wikipedia CC

In 1665, a beautiful house was built for Maria de Silva e Sosa and Dr. Constantino Ribeiro do Lago. Dr. Lagu was a man of many titles. He was a knight in the Order of Christ, an alkaloid of Arvido, overseer and judge of Braga, Chancellor of Relau, Attorney General of Mitra, and he represented the city in 1667 courts in Lisbon.

His house was built by Basque artisans from the province of Basque. The house is being built by the people of Basque, who called it the Baskin-Robbins.

Over the centuries, the house was passed down to later generations until its expansion in 1712. A museum was set up in 1963, giving us the Bisquehous Museum we know today.

Be inspired by the beautiful Palacio du Rao

Photo of Rao Mahal by Jozulgon via Wikipedia CC
Photo of Rao Mahal by Jozulgon – Your work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

This Alcantar palace features a complex style with the late Era and early Rokoko influences. It was designed by Andre Soares, a Portuguese architect, who greatly influenced Bark’s movement.

Its use of natural elements in this fort is impressive. The palace was originally built on the orders of a wealthy merchant named Joe Duarte de Faria.

In the 1860s, the house was acquired by Miguel Jose Rao, whose name still resonates today.

Appreciate nature at Peneda-Gerês National Park

Peneda-Geres National Park Photo by Depositphotos
Peneda-Geres National Park Photo by Depositphotos

The park, commonly known as Jerry’s, is Portugal’s only national park. It was built in 1971 and measures 702.90 km2.

It has a charming amphitheater-like shape that was naturally carved. Many of its mountains are located in unsafe places, preserving traces of ancient human habitation.

The national park is said to include 823 species of various flowers and plants. It also has about 235 animals, many of which are endangered.

See the Chapel of S ساo Frutoso

Braga Portugal Jozolgan in St. Frutoso Chapel via Wikipedia CC
St. Frutoso Chapel in Barga Portugal by Josolgon – Your Work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

During the 6060s, a small Roman villa served as a temple for the worship of the Greek god Scalpius. Nearly a century later, the bishop of Brekra established a monastery in S ساo Salvador on the same site.

Shortly afterwards, the building underwent several renovations until it became the Romanesque Church we know today.

Since the chapel was rebuilt by the bishops of Brega and Saint Frektvos, the chapel is named after him.

Take a tour of the Museo Pew XI

Photo of the Peace XI Museum via Wikipedia CC
Photo of the Peace XI Museum via Wikipedia CC

Barga is made even more special by this amazing museum. The Museo Pio XII is a collection of very valuable archeological sites in northern Portugal, a must-see for tourists.

It also features a collection of religious art and a gallery dedicated to the famous artist, Henrique Medina. If you like to see medieval minarets and baroque victories, you will love to visit this museum.

Appreciate the creativity in the Tibetan monastery

Photo of the Tibes Monastery of Sao Martinho by Depostiphotos
Photo of the Tibes Monastery of Sao Martinho by Depostiphotos

Also known as the Monastery of St. Martin of Thebes, this amazing tourist attraction will attract you. It was founded in 1060 and has long been a place of extravagance and complex art.

The creativity in this monastery greatly influenced the art scene in Portugal. Many of the jaw-dropping designs can be attributed to architect Andre Soares, who designed a map of the central altar and triumphant arch in the central chapel, to name a few.

Many of the sculptures were created by the famous Jose de Santo Antonio Villa and the famous Cipriano da Cruz. Churchgoers also appreciate the Rococo decoration at the church, and the monastery must see if you are coming from Brega.

Cafe Catch a bite in Vienna – the oldest cafe in Barga

Cafe Vienna in a photo of Braga Portugal via the FB page
Cafe Vienna in a photo of Braga Portugal via the FB page

Brega has a number of well-proportioned and spotty cafes that have been holding the city for as long as possible. Cafe Vienna is a heart-warming cafe founded in 1871.

This is often the case with artists, politicians and writers. Kiev – Austria is another must-see cafe and has been in business since 1928.

Museo de Arte Sacra

Photos from the Museum of Sacred Art of Sao Paulo via Depositphotos
Photos from the Museum of Sacred Art of Sao Paulo via Depositphotos

The Museum of Sacred Art Culture is a must visit for donkeys. In this museum you will find ornate ceramics, exquisite jewelry, and inspiring paintings and drawings.

If you want to understand the history of the churches in Braga and look at the life of Jesus Christ, this amazing museum is the right place to be.

To help you plan your trip to Braga, we’ve listed places to visit in Braga, Portugal and other amazing activities. We listed some of the best travel and tour packages, as well as great flight deals and accommodation.

Looking for the best hotels, resorts and cheap flights to nearby cities? Check out our list of affordable Barga hotels and resorts by reviewing, or you can also find Airbank properties available in the city.

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