Busan Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things to Do in Busan, South Korea

Busan Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things to Do in Busan, South Korea

What are the top tourist spots in Bosan, South Korea?

F.Rome Shopping District, beaches, mountains and shrines, Bosan, South Korea offers a diverse landscape that caters to all kinds of tourists and their unique preferences.

Great job to do in the bus
Great job to do in the bus

As a small port city in southeastern South Korea, Bosan is rich as a tourist destination and diverse in activity. It’s all thanks to natural imagery that turns man-made structures such as settlements into aesthetic tourist hotspots, an amazing harbor overlooking the sea, for beaches, parks and places of worship.

With lots of things to do and places to see, it can get the overwhelming majority to plan for your bus trip. This list includes the top 15 things you should do when traveling to Boson, South Korea.

What can I do in the bus?

It is impossible to give a complete list of all the amazing activities that you can do in this amazing port city. However, we’ve done our best to put together a list that includes a variety of activities available. The items on this list should appeal to everyone’s preferences.

See Gamechin Cultural Village

Gamechin Cultural Village
Gamechin Cultural Village

One of Bowman’s main hotspots, which attracts a lot of visitors because of its aesthetics, is Instagram’s worthy style, Gamechon Cultural Village. It is also known as “Machu Picchu of Busan”, and is a village built in the style of a ladder. The winding roads of this village are dynamic and covered with walls painted by the residents. From above, Gamechin Cultural Village is colorful and vibrant.

Activities include taking pictures, enjoying the streets, looking at the walls, visiting the Gamechen Cultural Village Information Center, visiting the art museum, and wrapping up in cafes or restaurants.

Climb the Busan Tower

Bus Tower
Bus Tower

Bosan’s tourist symbol is the Bosan Tower. It is 120 meters long, at 69 meters above sea level in Yongsun Park.

This tower is built for purely enjoyment purposes and is not as efficient in terms of transmission as other towers in South Korea. However, you can still enjoy the scenery from the top of the deck, while you cool down and eat in the cafe inside.

Enjoy the sun on Hyundai Beach

Pots and pans
Pots and pans

Honda (Ha-Yun-de) Beach is one of the seven most popular beaches in Bosan, South Korea, and is probably the most popular. It is often described as a modern beach that is 1.5 km long and just 40 minutes from Busan Station.

It is very popular with summer tourists and is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in South Korea. There will be many water activities. There are hotels, guesthouses and rents for accommodation along the beach.

Add to Taingdong Resort Park

Photo of Taijongda Resort Park via Visit Korea.rr
Photo of Taijongda Resort Park via Visit Korea.rr

Watch the sunset against the horizon at Taiwangde (Te Jong De) Resort Park. The ascent to the peak of 250 meters is definitely worth the beautiful scenery that this park has to offer.

A beacon of fiction and the famous season rock. There is an observatory deck from which you can relax, as well as restaurants and cafes, which are superior to other attractions. It has Tejungsa and Gomyungsa temples.

Take a dining trip on Guangdong Bokdong Food Street

Giang Bokdong Food Street Joyce Chou via Facebook
Giang Bokdong Food Street Joyce Chou via Facebook

Experience the stable traditional South Korean street food in relation to Guangdong Bokdong Food Street. These stalls are fragrant with hot pepper paste and other delicious aromas. You can find all kinds of street food here. The mainstream includes: tutu bookies and fish cake ones for people who are locally bosan.

It is located in the Guangzhou Bokdong area network and offers delicious and cheap street food where you can eat your fill.

See Hedong Yong Gongsa Temple

Hedong Yong Gongsa Temple
Hedong Yong Gongsa Temple

Hedong Yong Gangsa (He Dong Yong Gung) Temple is located along the northeast coast of Bosan. It stands on the top of a rocky beach and overlooks the sea which offers beautiful views. Aside from offering a sea view, it’s also a great place to learn about traditional Korean Buddhism from its roots.

The temple was built as a place of worship by the famous Buddhist teacher Nong during the Gurio dynasty. Now, it provides a lantern-lighting environment for travelers experiencing security and beauty. Due to its environment, it is considered a “romantic” place for travelers.

Shop at Jagalchi Fish Market

Jagalchi Fish Market
Jagalchi Fish Market

Busan is a port city, so it makes sense that its fish market is known as a famous symbol of Bosan. This fish market is huge and provides foreigners with the highest seafood shopping experience. There is a wide variety of seafood that is sold at these stalls. From octopuses, all kinds of fish, squid, crabs and other crustaceans.

The Jagalchi Fish Market is a must visit, which is included in every bucket list of bus passengers.

Taste authentic Korean barbecue at Inga Korean Barbecue Restaurant

Inga Korean Barbecue Restaurant
Inga Korean Barbecue Restaurant

Korean barbecue or samiopsal (Sam Geopsal) is an experience that has been copied by various foreign countries from the Philippines to the West. However, to find out what a Korean barbecue feels like and how it tastes, you have to dine at the Anga Korean Barbecue Restaurant here in Busan.

You will be provided with a modern grill where you can prepare your own food according to your own preferences. This KBBQ is at its best.

Take a walk and shop at Nimpodong Street Market

The countless stores spread across the Nimpodong Street Market sell quality and branded but cheap goods. This is a great place to shop for a wide range of items: from fashion, accessories, electronics and kitchenware.

It’s something like the Myung Dong Street Night Market in Seoul. It is a major tourist attraction that makes shopping worthwhile. These attractions include Guangzhou Bokdong Food Street Market and Jagalchi Fish Market, which are just 10 minutes away.

Learn history at the Boson Modern History Museum

Busan Modern History Museum by Katsura Rouen Wikipedia CC
Busan Modern History Museum by Katsura Rouen Wikipedia CC

If you want to visit a museum and learn about the history of places that are worth exploring the Basin Modern History Museum. It offers fascinating attractions that reflect the return of the bus route in the Gurio era, as well as its long association with Japan.

There is a triangular exhibition of sculptures, films and media, as well as information about the Bosnian government, the history of the original museum, as well as information about the Korean War.

Participate in the Biomosa Temple Stay program

The Beomosa (Bo-Mo-sa) Temple is the largest and most important temple in Soviet Korea. It is the headquarters of the Korean Buddhist Yoga Order. But more importantly, it is the only temple in Bosan that offers a temple stack program.

Living in the temple offers a variety of activities and shares many teachings. These may include but are not limited to: learning Korean meditation, relaxing around the temple courtyard, interacting with Korean monks, and eating Korean vegetarian food.

BIFF Square

If you walk 10 minutes from Jagalchi Fish Market, you will reach BIFF Square. It is often associated with the Hollywood Walk of Fame because it features celebrity handprints and plaques alongside the square. It is named after the famous Busan Film Festival because it is its annual venue.

BIFF Square offers the first running movie theaters that were built in the Japanese occupation, street food and much more.

However, it is more commonly used because of the delicious and popular Sesame Hot Teak, a sweet Korean pancake filled with nuts and brown sugar.

Shop for household items at Gokie Market

Goki Market is said to be the largest traditional market in Bosan and nearby are BIFF Square and Jagalchi Fish Market. While Jagalchi Fish Market was for seafood, there are many stores in Gokiji Market that offer wholesale and retail sale of standard household goods. It was formerly known as the market where US troops bought for their facilities and where imported goods were sold.

In addition to household items, food stalls at Goki Market are also worth a try. They have Korean beach rolls, glass noodles, pancakes and other popular Korean dishes. They are all presented in a street style setting.

Lotte walks around a department store in Bokdong, Guangzhou

The Lotte department store has a number of outlets spread across East and Southeast Asia. This is a common household name associated with South Korea. Here in Busan, in the Bokdong area of ​​Guangzhou, is the Lotte Department Store, the world’s largest spring.

The real attraction here is of course the musical water fountain. The shopping department is full of both local and international brands as well as entertainment facilities. This is the only Lotti department store located on the beach.

Walk across the Yongdu Bridge

Yongdu (Yongdu) Bridge is the bridge that connects Yongdu Island with Nemo Dong (mainland Bosan). The tower offers excellent views of the harbor city, as well as the seafood in front of the Jagalchi Fish Market, where seafood is regularly unloaded.

Yongodo Bridge for Mansingh Kim via Wikipedia CC
Yongodo Bridge by Mansingh Kim. Your work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

It was built in 1934 and eventually became a tourist attraction as it is Korea’s first basketball bridge, and the only island that connects the island to the mainland. Identify the bonus points you see opening the bridge to the boats.

This list alone cannot capture the beauty and excitement of the bus. However, it does offer a variety that will cater to the needs and curiosity of every Bosnian traveler.

The top 15 activities that one should do when they visit Besan. From temples with deep-rooted religion to bustling seafood and best-selling bazaars, to ports that open to the sea – it’s really amazing that you can’t get so much out of it.

Boson Travel & Tour Packages

To help you plan a trip to Bosan, we have a small guide that will guide you through the best Bosan travel and tour packages, as well as good flight deals and accommodation.

Tripodizer has a list of the best bus vacation packages. You can check out the Air Bank listings in Boson for affordable but high quality accommodation. Package Korea A visit to Korea is also worth checking out packages, including the city of Busan.

Looking for the best Bosan hotels, resorts, and cheap flights to nearby cities? Check out our list of cheap hotels and resorts by bus, or you can also look up Airbank properties available in the city.

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