Daegu Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things to Do in Daegu, South Korea

Daegu Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things to Do in Daegu, South Korea

D.Ego was a major city in the Korean economy in the 1960s and 1980s due to the booming automotive and electronics industries. Due to its favorable humid climate, the city has been dubbed the “Apple City”, which is perfect for apple growth. Diego is also known throughout Korea for its hot summers, as it is located at the foot of a mountain range and 80 km off the coast.

Best work to do in Diego South Korea
Best work to do in Diego South Korea

Due to its geographical location, the city has many parks, museums, mountains and cultural festivals. Due to the city’s location at the confluence of two major Korean rivers, Seomum Market was born, known throughout the subcontinent for its clothing as well as some delicious street food.

Today, we are going through this unique destination and bring the best things to do in Diego.

Simon Market

Image of Simon Market via Depositphotos.com
Image of Simon Market via Depositphotos.com

The Seomum market is not just about clothes and street snacks. It is one of the oldest open-air markets in Korea, dating back to the Jozhou dynasty, and some streets still use the names of the time, including Hogdokigen and Daejeon.

There are more than 4,000 stores in the market where you can find some unique traditional textile and textile products as well as silk, linen, satin, cotton and some handicrafts, hybrids and silverware.

However, the appeal of the Seomum market lies in the delicious street food, especially at night. For diners, make sure you try the buttermilk, an inquired abomosome (beef belly), served with skull, soybean paste, and pepper sauce.

Palgong Mountain

Photo of Buck Go and Palgong Mountain by Mammoth Wikipedia CC
Photo of Buck Go and Palgong Mountain by Mammoth Wikipedia CC

Located on the border of northern Giangsan Province and Diego, it is a great hiking trail with many beautiful shrines and temples as well as food stalls.

But the best route to the defeated route is Donghuasa on the southern slope. The temple found here dates back to the 5th century and the complex inside the temple was built in 1732 after the Japanese invasion.

The main hall, called Deongjan, can also be accessed by a dragon-like staircase. Inside the hall, you will find many statues, including Seokgamonibul, Amitabul, and Yaksayeoraeul.

Diego Art Museum

Photo of Diego Art Museum via Wikimedia.org
Photo of Diego Art Museum via Wikimedia.org

The Diego Art Museum, as often as the dam, is a great place to enjoy history. It showcases mostly modern and contemporary pieces and provides more information about the best Korean artists of the 20th century. Offers a platform.

On the third floor of the museum in the background are the city and hill library and Vista.

83 Tower

83 towers in Diego
83 towers in Diego

There is no better place to enjoy the views of the colorful city of Diego than to be at the top of the 83 towers. The building has an observation deck where you can glimpse the magnificent view of the fortified city. To make the experience even more memorable, grab a cup of coffee from one of the coffee shops on the 78th floor.

You can also see the city below on a cable car ride, which you will appreciate to know that it is completely free. Stay up late in the evening to experience some of the most spectacular suns you will ever see.

Kim Kwang Seok Street

Kim Kwang Seok Street in a photo of De Cogo via Vimedia
Kim Kwang Seok Street in a photo of De Cogo via Vimedia

The street was named after the legendary Korean singer Kim Kwang-seok, who was popular with the Korean people in the 1980s and 1990s. In 2010, more than 20 sculptors, artists and designers collaborated to build this alley, as well as a wall alley for the late singer-songwriter, where the singer spent five years of his childhood.

There is also a phone box in this street from where you can call your loved ones.

Upson Park

Aerial view of Dagu from a photo of Upson Hill via Depositphotos.com
Aerial view of Dagu from a photo of Upson Hill via Depositphotos.com

Although the whole of Upson Park is beautiful, the main reason is the cable car that travels through the thick jungle and stops at the Apsan Observatory, where you can see just below Diego.

The park also has a museum called the Nakdong River Museum, where you can learn a few things about the Korean War.


At the confluence of the Jimuho and Nakdong rivers, you will find a huge faded blue shell, called the ARC. The structure was designed by Asimpetio Studios in New York for the World Expo 2012, which was held in South Korea.

Within this framework, you will find an exhibition on the Four River Rehabilitation Project, which deals with the conservation of the ecosystems of Nakdong, Han, Yongsan and Geom, as well as documenting the history and culture of rivers in Korea. ۔

O world

Located near the 83rd Tower, this theme park is designed with some of the finest work to do in Diego. The park includes a number of rides suitable for adventurers of all ages, with many exhibitions, light displays and sky trams, as well as a variety of Korean dishes.

E-World is a great place for a family visit.

Sewing Lake and Water Show

Lake Susang is a special place to visit in the city of Dagu, especially in the summer and spring seasons. This swan boat is a great place to explore and hollow out, as well as try some of the best Korean food and traditional products. Take a walk around the streets and do a window shop where there are many stores lined up in the streets.

If you are between May and October, you will have the opportunity to watch some unforgettable light shows every evening.

Attend one of the popular fairs

Diego is known around the world for hosting other popular festivals, including the famous Diego Water Festival, Lantern Festival, Shining Chicken and Beer Festival.

Perhaps the most exciting sparkling chicken and beer festival is in July each year. And if you’re a foodie, you don’t want to lose it because there’s usually a wide range of fried chicken.

Diego Arbortum

See Diego Arbortum's photo via Visit Korea.r.r
See Diego Arbortum’s photo via Visit Korea.r.r

For nature lovers, you can enjoy the Diego Arbortum Chrysanthemum Festival, which usually lasts for two weeks in late October and early November.

This is a great opportunity for families with children as there are also many cartoon sculptures that open here.


Photo courtesy of Ken Goto by Filler CC
Photo courtesy of Ken Goto by Filler CC

Jumjamilbang is a huge bathroom that is found in many cities in Korea. These spaces usually have kilns, hot and cold pools, steam rooms, massage tables, showers and jacuzzis.

Jamjamil Bank is a great place to pamper yourself, but the catch is, you need to be completely naked. The good news is, they’re usually out of gender.

Bolo Dong Ancient Tomb Park

Blue Dong An image of ancient Tom Park with a tripodizer
Blue Dong An image of ancient Tom Park with a tripodizer

If you want a place where you can think deeply after walking around and walking around all day, take a short trip to Bolo Dong Tomb Park. The 5 km long cemetery is the last resting place for many ancient celebrities. It has more than 200 tombs and is officially South Korea’s first cemetery.

گٹ باوی

Image of the Gate Bowie Buddha by Bernkim via Wikipedia CC
Gut Bavi Wednesday photo by Bernkim – Your Work, Public Domain, CC

Situated on the top of Palgong Mountain, this is a massive Buddha statue called the Gateboy, which can be obtained from the Guanamsa Temple by a steep hike. The statue is from the ninth century and is listed under the Korean National Treasury.

Tour Diego

This city bus tour should be included in your list of the best things to do in Diego. The double-decker hop-on hop-off bus will take you to some of the best attractions in the city, including Modern Culture Alley, Kim Kwang Sewak Road, Susang Lake Resort, E-World Doro Park, among others.

To help you plan your trip to Diego, we’ve listed the places and things to do for your trip. We listed some of the best Diego travel and tour packages, as well as the best flight deals and accommodation.

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