Department of Tourism Partners With WTTC To Share Expert’s Tourism Outlook, Recovery Plans

Department of Tourism Partners With WTTC To Share Expert’s Tourism Outlook, Recovery Plans

M.Anila, Philippines – The tourism industry will recover.

The Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Tourism Promotion Board (TPB) in partnership with the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) have reached the consensus of tourism experts as it announced on Tuesday, May 19. Launched its free Facebook webinar in 2020. .

In a webinar entitled “The Future of Travel: A World Travel and Tourism Council Special Panel”, DOT and WTTC spoke on three areas of tourism: keynote speakers from aviation, investment and accommodation. Invited: To discuss the major effects of COVID-19 globally. The tourism industry, and to show how industry stakeholders can respond and slowly recover from the wrath of an epidemic.

Expert Tourism Outlook for Partnership with Tourism Department WTTC, Recovery Plans
Department of Tourism experts partner with WTTC to share tourism outlook, recovery plans

Bernadette Romulo Pivot, Secretary of DOT, expressed confidence in the reconstruction of the local tourism industry with the help of the WTTC, whose mainstay is crisis and preparation, management and revival in the travel and tourism industry.

The WTTC, in conjunction with the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, and key stakeholders, made recommendations to mitigate the effects of past epidemics in the industry. Acknowledging this fact, we are confident that their insights will be of great benefit to our local tourist players.

Gloria Guevara Manzo, President and CEO of the WTTC, added that the focus was on a global coordinated approach to re-establishing effective operations, removing travel barriers and reopening borders. That it is necessary to combine and combine the components of health to improve the journey without a passenger. The latest technology, and the necessary precautions and protocols. He said that international protocols or standards set by the private sector of travel and tourism, health experts and the public sector can help gain the trust of travelers.

Mr. Craig Smith, President and Managing Director of Asia Pacific Marriott International, who praised the boom and tourism industry in the Philippines over the past five years, considering building at least 21 projects in the country initiated by Marriott International. It was hoped that the industry would “recover”, and that Asia would recover faster than any other part of the world, although one would expect it to occur in different classes and geographies. “Travel will change and there will be a new routine, we have to be prepared for that.”

Ms. Shirley Tan, CEO of Rajawali Property Group, while reviewing the significant uncertainties in the flow of global capital, urged investors to seek new investments while simultaneously striving for asset management, capital protection and liquidity management. Reminds of importance. He also cited the growing cooperation between the private sector and the government as one of the keys to reviving the tourism industry, and the state-of-the-art technology in helping the Philippine tourism industry players discover novels and offer innovative creative experiences. Encouraged to take advantage and benefit from it. Short travel demographic.

Mr. Gary Chapman, President of Group Services and President of De Anta Emirates Group, has predicted a recovery period of three to four years for the airline industry. He stressed the need to establish “permanent and clear standards”, adding that it would be a “different world, a different tourism industry in general”.

Poit, meanwhile, called for the support of all sectors to ensure the existence of health and safety protocols to regain passenger confidence. “Tourist arrivals are more than just counting the number of tourists. We are in the business of selling communities so that communities thrive. We venture to find jobs for our people. We promote culture as a way to preserve our heritage. The concept of tourism in our consciousness. Deeply embedded, and I want to believe that this is what makes our industry resilient to all challenges. The forms, even the most difficult that we have to overcome.

Since April, dot.ote has successfully conducted online learning courses aimed at helping local tourism players gain maximum competitiveness, including new knowledge, technological advancement, and innovation. To be able to cater to a new generation of passengers.

The head of tourism stressed, “The challenges facing the current health crisis that we are facing should not deter us from fulfilling our mission to ensure that the industry is smooth, safe, secure, Inclusive, and sustainable. “

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