DOT Webinar Tackles Heritage Site Conservation And Use Amid Pandemic

DOT Webinar Tackles Heritage Site Conservation And Use Amid Pandemic

M.Anila, Philippines – How will the new routine be to reshape the country’s corona virus disease (COVID-19) epidemic crisis and tourism, sustainability, and protection programs in the country’s heritage sites?

The dot webinar is used between heritage site protection and infectious diseases
The dot webinar is used between heritage site protection and infectious diseases

This is a question in the webinar titled “Parapran: Explaining the Use of Cultural Heritage Sites for Survival 19” organized by the Department of Tourism (DOT) on Thursday, May 21, 2020.

“Our e-Palming Toursmo series is closely linked to this year’s theme, Mega Quintong Scale: Heritage Stories, highlighting the social and cultural impact of sharing knowledge, experiences and stories of Filipino heritage in preserving our country’s heritage. Is.” Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo Piot, in her keynote address at the department’s 16th webinar since its inception in April.

The webinar is timely with May being celebrated as National Heritage Month.

“While Covid 19 has closed our cultural heritage and many aspects of our culture, we will remember 2020 as the year when we practically celebrate the Visitai Iglesias tradition, online at our “We are keeping our traditions and our stories alive with all the means we can try, because that’s how we will survive as a nation,” he said, thanks to 360-degree photos of beautiful Bark churches.

Meanwhile, invited Resource Speaker Associate Professor Eric Babar Zerodo, PhD, University of Santo Thomas (UST) Graduate School Center for the Protection of Cultural Property and the Environment (USTGS-CCPE) T) and faculty members of the Cultural Heritage Studies Program. He is also the National Coordinator of the CBCP Episcopal Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church and a faculty member of the National Commission for Culture and Arts – Philippine Cultural Education Program (NCCA-PCEP).

Dr. Zerodo, a former UNESCO Philippine commissioner, explained:

  • Heritage and protection, concepts and significance;
  • New explanation of the use of heritage sites in COVID-19.
  • The concept of cultural landscapes and;
  • Heritage Case Studies able to integrate into sustainable heritage.
View of Manila City Hall from Intermoros Walls
View of Manila City Hall from Intermoros Walls

Dr. Zerodu recalled the most important places in the world before the outbreak of epidemics, such as the Grape Wine, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, Dubrovnik, and Venice. “It’s the importance of trying to save you, which is being expressed in different ways,” he said.

To understand the importance of heritage sites, Dr. Zerodo discussed that physical or on-site, oral and archival research is an important effort that needs to be made.

However, as we face the “new routine”, Dr. Zerodo says that “if you want to increase the importance of function to a higher level, it will be worth considering if you find yourself Look to the newly formed importance of health. Ecosystems, hygiene and well-being, and food safety (organic). “

Heritage sites such as churches, universities and cultural sites are currently expanding the possibilities between epidemics.

Manila City Hall
Manila City Hall

Cultural heritage sites such as Intermoros also offer online learning sessions, online museums and Vista Iglesia tours. Churches such as San Augustine and Manila Cathedral are now organizing daily public outreach to reach out to most communities. Dr. Zerodo added, “For the first time, they are letting go of our Lady of Consul’s dung through the window on Saturday afternoon.

University of Stowe Thomas (UST) is stepping up by providing virtual tours of the Cove Tree, cultural heritage facilities and sites, and a roof garden for the benefit of not only the university but also the Sampalok community.

Meanwhile, Wagon specifically employed the LGBT community by providing haircuts for the front liners, making City Hall a trajectory, social distance and transport waiting area, and an extra hand-washing corner in public markets. Is helping

“In order to make our heritage meaningful, we need to make sure we are on a par with making our time at COVID meaningful,” said Dr. Zerodo.

Poit then instructed the public and stakeholders to keep our national stories alive.

When we keep stories alive, we understand where we come from. When we know who we are, we strengthen our national identity and deepen our sense of pride. And when we have a solid national identity that we are proud of, we can meet all kinds of challenges in the future.

Routine trainings and workshops conducted by DOT at various locations across the country will be conducted online, under the Inter-Agency Task Force on Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases 30-A, ”said the community quarantine. Omnibus’s Guidelines on the Implementation of “In the Philippines” especially on the prohibition of large-scale gatherings.

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