Hong Kong Disneyland officially reopens today after closing for almost five months amid pandemic

Hong Kong Disneyland officially reopens today after closing for almost five months amid pandemic

H.ONG Kang – Today, Disney characters and cast members welcomed guests as the doors to Hong Kong’s Disneyland reopened. The resort introduced a number of health and safety measures, as well as community distance guidelines so that guests can continue the #BelieveInMagic and continue their magical journey.

Before the reopening of the park earlier today, a special celebration, hosted by Stephanie Young, Managing Director of the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, took place along Main Street in the United States, with amazing views of the castle. ۔ Beloved Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, attended the park’s official reopening, which was completed with joy and excitement.

Guide to Hong Kong Disneyland tour
Guide to Hong Kong Disneyland tour

Enthusiastic fans entering the park for the first time in months were particularly surprised when Hong Kong Disneyland Resort ambassadors Stephanie Young and Melody Leung greeted them warmly at the door, so that a magical morning could begin. Do it in real Disney style.

“I am grateful for the incredible support of the Hong Kong community, the commitment of the medical staff, and the dedication of our cast members who have been successful in this difficult time,” Young said. “The health and safety of our guests and cast members is at the forefront of our minds and our cast members are working tirelessly to take all necessary steps to ensure that guests enjoy a magical tour.”

Hong Kong's Disneyland officially reopened
Hong Kong’s Disneyland officially reopened

The reopening of Hong Kong’s Disneyland is a deliberate attempt at new and improved health and safety measures, reflecting the guidance of health and government officials. The park has developed new initiatives and procedures, such as working with limited attendance and requiring advance reservations, adjusting social distances to queues, restaurants, attractive vehicles and other facilities throughout the park, and cleaning and sanitation. To enforce increasing frequency.

“Construction is underway as the Castle of Magical Dreams, which will begin in late 2020, enters its final phase of transformation. Will love

Enjoy Disney Magic in a fun way

Disney Magic Park can be found all around with attractions and once again open shows for guests. Guests should be on the lookout for Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, as well as their close associates. Throughout the park, guests should have a camera ready, as new surprises from our Disney friends can come close!

Enjoy food and beverage offerings as well as delivery products to welcome our guests and create fond memories to celebrate their magical return.

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