Mowilex Released a Digital Book “Balinese Woodcarving: A Heritage to Treasure”

Mowilex Released a Digital Book “Balinese Woodcarving: A Heritage to Treasure”

  • On the anniversary of the book’s launch, Moilex released a 2019 e-release of a popular art history book, “Balinese Wood Carrying: Treasures from a Heritage”, as a pledge to preserve Balinese culture and art. Is.
  • The book was highlighted Of Bali Master woodworkers offer valuable insights into their crafts, inspirations, and traditions that go back centuries.
  • The book aims to teach, delight and motivate artists, art lovers, collectors, designers, and everyone else interested in it. Bali Or a wooden map.
  • Featured Masters is considered a myth of inner life Of Bali The cultural capital of Abboud

BALI, Indonesia, June 26, 2020Last year, PT Movilex Indonesia (Moilex) honored its commitment to the preservation of the Balinese heritage by launching a book entitled “Balinese Wood Carrying – A Legacy to Treasure”. A book edited by an art historian, curator, and author Cesar biasini selvagigi, Was initially launched at the Agong Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) Gallery and Museum in Abboud, Bali. At the time, copies of the book were given only to artists, galleries and museums. Some were even donated to libraries.

(From left to right) in Med Ada, I van Madana, in Van Moka, in Newman Edi Sardana, in left Soveja.
(From left to right) in Med Ada, I van Madana, in Van Moka, in Newman Edi Sardana, in left Soveja.

On the anniversary of the book’s launch this year, the company has released a book on its website for anyone to view and download.

“This book was carefully prepared and researched. But as we have published that it should not be sold, it is not in circulation. We felt it was time to give this opportunity to someone who is interested in Balinese culture and art. Anna Weibo, Mowilex’s Chief Marketing Officer. He added, “Especially now that so many people are isolating the whole world, this is an opportunity to immerse ourselves in something very different, and to present electronically to everyone who is interested in us. It’s a pleasure. ” “It’s in both Bahasa and English.”

The book features artisans and skilled craftsmen who are passionate about the importance of preserving ballet art. He is one of the last living masters and legends of this important art. Moilex, which has been the premium wood stain product and color cleaner since 1970, shares its passion and commitment.

“We are honored that Balinese artisans have dedicated Moilex wood stain products to the protection, decoration and preservation of their masterpieces over the past century and a half,” said Moilex CEO. نِکو صفوی.

“The importance of art is never in the material used, but in the work and imagination of the artist. The financial value of our products and materials used in a large piece is of great importance and the artists have nothing to do with it. When artists create works worth thousands of dollars, they are not interested in saving money. They want the best. نِکو صفوی We are always honored when they choose our products.

The Balini wood carver embraces spiritual and cultural values ​​for which the island is world famous.

“Art and spirituality become an integral and indivisible part of Hindu religion and Balinese culture. The intricate design of a masterpiece embodies sacred values, which everyone loves. “From this book, people can gain a deeper understanding of Balinese art and culture,” added Pundelseer correspondent, Bandisa Pekarman, Abdul Royal Family.

“We had well-known subject matter experts in creating this book and it is full of beautiful photography. The hardcover book was published in Italy by the famous art book publisher Carlo Cambi Editor. Today we have it electronically on our website. “She is OK نِکو صفوی. The works of prominent artists in the book adorn presidential palaces, museums, galleries and art collectors’ homes.

“Let’s not forget that artists and their families are financially dependent on the works they create. The current epidemic has had a huge negative impact on the economy. Bali, Which is mostly dependent on tourism. “We are always striving to strike a balance between the values ​​of wood defects and the preservation of tradition and the commercial value of the work for the artist,” said Garwood Master Wood Carver and Living Symbols I Med Ada.

Movilex products are made from advanced materials such as construction and industrial coatings, but are preferred by wood car makers, wall makers and other artists. “We hope that the world will return to normal and that this book may inspire people to see it.” Bali, Visit galleries, and meet artists in person. “

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