PayMaya: Digital payments help unite Filipinos in battle against COVID-19

PayMaya: Digital payments help unite Filipinos in battle against COVID-19

Funds raised over P7.8M by raising more donations through Paya Maya channels

M.Anila, Philippines – Just one week after the launch of its #OnAgainstCOVID19 initiative, Paya Maya has already helped raise more than P7.8 million in donations from Filipinos around the world through its digital payment channels, which fundraise day by day. Is growing rapidly.

This achievement came when companies and non-profit organizations such as the Philippine Red Cross, UNICEF, Caritas Manila, OaksFamily, the UPPGH Foundation and other groups worked together to mobilize the necessary support and resources. Work to help cope with its effects. CoVID-19 epidemic

Payday Maya One Against Committed 19 Donations
Payday Maya One Against Committed 19 Donations

Due to the discouraging cash handling of banks and payment centers such as financial institutions and the spread of this virus in limited operations, digital financial services like Paya Maya are actually helping people to participate in various reactions and reliefs. Offers the fastest, safest and easiest way. Attempts to resolve quad-19.

“The response we received just a week after the launch has been tremendous, which has not only increased the response to this crisis but also highlighted the Filipinos’ creativity, with the help of technology. We will continue to support consumers, businesses, communities, government agencies, and humanitarian organizations in a joint effort during this epidemic, providing easy and comprehensive means for them to send financial support, “and founder of Pay Maya & C EO Orlando Y said.

With a very wide network of support and nonprofit partner organizations and support for a variety of causes, the # OneAgainstCOVID19 initiative has quickly become a one stop shop for people seeking help from medical staff, frontliners and the underprivileged. Are trying Crossfires in the fight against disease. This is because in addition to enabling donations through the Paya Maya app, Filipinos and other card holders overseas are eligible to participate in the # OneAgainstCOVID19 endeavor through PayMa’s latest end-to-end platform.

To date, individuals with Pay, Maya accounts with credit, debit, and prepaid cards can donate to the following organizations through the website ( or via the PayMaya app: Philippines Red Cross, UNICEF, PGH Medical Foundation, Caritas Manila, Oaks Fame Philippines, Philippines Business for Social Progress, Philippines Disaster Resilience Foundation, Kaya Nutan! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership, Ronald McDonald House of Charities Philippines, YES Payne Foundation, Along Guptaid Foundation, PLDT-Smart Foundation, Rock Aid Philippines, Utopian Foundation, #NewhereNoTeNhueNeThuNeThuNgE Is.

Online concerts, streaming games

Because community quarantine is sustained in the island of Luzon and Visayas and some provinces of Mindanao, many individuals and groups have helped demonstrate their abilities and abilities to help people fund various COVID-19 responses and relief activities. Help you # OneAgainstCOVID19 project.

Explained here
Explained here

For example, National Artist for Music Ryan Ciabab has launched “Founders Musikaan” in partnership with the Philippines Business for Social Progress (PBSP), a nightline online concert featuring Facebook, OPM’s best exposure has been highlighted through YouTube, and other stream channels. Donations to urban poor communities are accepted through Paya Maya’s # OneAgainstCOVID19 channels.

In the meantime, technology and gaming bloggers like Jian Witterboy are offering their online game streaming time, especially new games like Animal Crossing of Nintendo, to help their viewers promote donations through # OneAgainstCOVID19.

Unity during isolation

Even after just a few more weeks of defining the community, the need for funds and resources will continue to increase as the nationwide COVID-19 reduces the spread of pandemic diseases and “reduces its socio-economic impact.” Tries to influence the very vulnerable sections of our communities, in particular.

Pay Maya Digital Masterclass
Pay Maya Digital Masterclass

As part of precautionary measures against the disease, Bangkok Central Ann Pilipinas has encouraged the use of digital payments in transactions since it was revealed that paper bills are potential carriers of the virus.

For this purpose, PayMaia encourages consumers to send money, pay their bills, or make bank transfers via the app, rather than going out of the house to perform these deals. Users can also send money to any country in the country using their Paya Maya account by making a Mandi mini transaction in SmartPadala through Paya Maya Center.

Although the COVID-19 epidemic forced people to isolate themselves at home, digital financial measures such as # OneAgainstCOVID19 suggest that Filipinos can unite with the help of technology.

To donate to the #OneAgainstPayMaya campaign, visit or visit the PayBills section of the PayMaya app.

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