Relishing Kitsho’s sumptuous sushi smorgasbord

Relishing Kitsho’s sumptuous sushi smorgasbord

M.Anila, Philippines – Authentic Japanese cuisine lovers, including gourmet and gourmands, will be truly happy as Katsuo is unveiling your most enjoyable meal throughout the month of March. Sushi, like Tamipura and Yakimono, is one of the most loved dishes of Japanese cuisine.

Katsu's Sushi Madness takes advantage of various options in all its promos
Katsu’s Sushi Madness takes advantage of various options in its well-run promotions

The fresh catch of fresh fields, along with a handful of fresh sachets, created a host of delicious. Sushi concerts that have been repeatedly rescued by Filipino diners. Available for lunch every day, all katsu-eating sushi madness costs PHP 700 / pax NETT

The first offerings include sashimi salmon, nigri tuna, salmon hosumki, nigiri tai, fotomiki salmon skin, and California maki. This loneliness will satisfy guests’ desire for food alone. But the excitement does not end here, as more gamers in the second round wait for the aficionado.

Other offerings include sashimi tuna, nigiri salmon, nigiri ek, rainbow roll, tika maki, and real phatomki. For the third or fourth serving and any successful service that follows, diners simply choose which one they want to enjoy again in the first and second serving menu.

Eating in the company of family and friends is a real pleasure. In this way, kitsu gives discounts / markdowns to every guest who joins the meal. For example, if two diners share sushi madness, they pay Php 1,400 instead of Php 1,400. If there are three of them, their bill is just Php 2,000. A group of four promotes all your meals for just Php 2,650, while a five-person company, SmogSabsWord, enjoys just Php 3,300. In short, more and more guests who choose sushi madness enjoy the same discount.

Whether sampling the first or second serving, Japanese food lovers will truly satisfy their desire for happiness.
Whether sampling the first or second serving, Japanese food lovers will truly satisfy their desire for happiness.

Dinner guests who wish to participate in sushi madness can easily request them to prepare and take advantage of them, on top of other large Japanese staples that they enjoy in the extensive menu of katsu. Want to raise

Katsushu is a Japanese restaurant and operated and operated by Millennium Food Inc. of Sec Bar MC and is located on the level of Hotel Jane Manila, which is located right on the historic Manila Bay Area, right next to the massive CCP complex. Rocasse is located along the Boulevard Sunset Strip.

For reservations and inquiries, call the restaurant’s trunk line by telephone. no. 8-9943623 or operations manager, Ms. Malo Manzano, by telephone. # 8-8776379 You may also want to check out Katsushu’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter (@ iamkitsho). Twitter), and Instagram for more details.

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