Return to Tradition with Lung Hin’s Authentic Cuisine

Return to Tradition with Lung Hin’s Authentic Cuisine

M.Anila, Philippines – At a time when new habits are formed and practiced, traditions remain invaluable, reflecting the values ​​we hold. The award-winning restaurant, Lang Hein, continues to celebrate the kind of customs that its culinary team, led by executive Chinese chef Ken Leung, has developed.

Pan-fried minced pork chopped dumplings topped with sakura shrimp
Pan-fried minced pork is topped with chewing dumplings and sakura shrimp.

This season, Long Han has introduced a new line of Hong Kong chef’s recommendations and even a special selection of culinary jewelry for intimate food groups.

Until October 31, 2020, guests can look forward to enjoying the distinctive dishes of Chef Kane, which includes pan-fried Minsk pork fritters, dried sakura shrimp, Swedish squid, which has three varieties of onions, in the Steamed Garopa Flat Sui Sauce. With olives and ginger. Cold red bean with coconut milk jelly. This limited selection is only available to witches.

Gurupa flat with olives and ginger in soy sauce
Gurupa flat with olives and ginger in soy sauce

Guests are looking forward to the memorable witch experience with loved ones who can also enjoy a special set menu while exploring the city in private lung dining rooms.

For a dinner party for at least five adults, chef Ken Leung offered a seven-course meal, including a favorite selection of restaurants: deep-fried Japanese oysters in Wasabi sauce, crispy roasted baby duck in pepper sauce. , And Steamed Live Crab and Egg White in Chinese Wine served with eFo Noodle.

Squid squid with three types of onions
Squid squid with three types of onions

This limited-time ad is available per person at PHP 3,888.00, which already includes Long Hein’s private dining areas. Reservations must be made at least three days prior to the preferred meal date to take advantage of this limited time choice.

For more information on the development of Hun in the lungs and its ongoing diet, please contact (632) 7720-7777 or email

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