Sicily Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things to Do in Sicily, Italy

Sicily Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things to Do in Sicily, Italy

AAre you planning a trip to Sicily or just looking for ideas for your next vacation? Sicily is a dying island known for many things, many of which are associated with the riches of the prehistoric world. The island has many large and innumerable attractions, including beaches and curious ancient ruins, such as the Greek Theater and Temple Valley in Turmina and the Villa Romana del Castle, which is now a World Heritage Site. Also visit the twin places of Modica and Ragusa. Looks like, which is a great representation of Europe’s baroque art covenant.

Great job to do in Sicily
Great job to do in Sicily

Read this article to find out the 15 best things to do in Sicily, Italy.

15 Best Things to Do in Sicily

Tour Palermo, the capital

Palermo Cathedral
Palermo Cathedral

There is no better place to start a tour of Sicily than its capital, Palermo. The city is rich in numerous historical monuments and structures and many forts and churches.

Make sure you don’t miss the Massimo Theater, Norman Palace, Bellaro Market, and Palermo Cathedral.

Just a few kilometers from the city, you will find the Monreal Cathedral, one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. The state church includes tens of thousands of square feet of golden mosaic, which uses 2,200 kilograms of pure gold.

See the valley of temples

Valley of temples
Valley of temples

This vast complex of tombs and temples is funded by the Agento. They date back to 500 BC, including the Doric Temple of Tempe di Concordia, one of the safest temples in Sicily.

The eastern part of the complex includes temples such as the Tempo di Juno Lasinia, while in the western wing you will find the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the largest in the complex standing at 40 meters high even though it was destroyed by an earthquake.

Discover more ancient treasures in Celent

Selenoint is one of Sicily’s most important and largest archaeological sites. It consists of 5 to 8 ancient Greek templesTh Century BC, however, is one of the most famous temples of the Eastern group, labeled Temple E because of its impressive architectural splendor and the sheer size of the temple.

Both temples are considered classical ornaments.

Discover the villa buried in Anna

Villa Romana del Cassel is a villa in Anina that was buried by 12ThPreserving it for eight centuries, from landslides. It is believed to be one of the most well-preserved villas in the Roman Empire and still has some original decoration.

So far, only 50 rooms of the villa have been excavated and it has a mosaic floor with a spacing of more than 3,700 square feet which contains the decoration of the present and superstitious life.

Check out the Greek Theater in Torimena

Nestled within the Iris Mountains, Tormina is located below the most beautiful city on the island of Sicily. Tourists love it for its beautiful setting, in addition to the magnificent Greek Theater and the stunning Vista of Atna Mountain.

The main street in Turmina is the Caruso Umberto, which cuts through a series of rooftops and squares, lined with respectable buildings, open-air cafes and smart shops.

The original landmark of the city is the Greek Theater, which was built in the 3rd century BC and later rebuilt by the Romans in 4th century.Th Century BC

See Aileen Island

The island of Eileen consists of seven volcanoes, all of which are volcanoes, some rolling while others are still active. They are located on the north coast of Sicily and can be reached by boat from Milazo or Messina.

The most famous of the seven islands is Stramboli, which is known for its wild volcanoes every night.

Discover the cities of Modica and Ragusa

During the 1693 earthquake, most of southern Sicily was leveled, including the two cities of Modica and Ragusa.

Both cities were later rebuilt in the Baroque style, which survives to this day. Modica and Ragusa are now one of the six neighboring cities in Italy, in addition to the World Heritage Site.

Try ice cream in Syracuse

The foundations of the islands of Syracuse and Artigia are located on the east coast of Sicily. The charming Ortigia is the historic center of Syracuse and includes fountains, squares, landmarks, churches, castles and some fine ice cream parlors with lots of attractions.

Highlights include the Piazza del Domo, the Arethosa Fountain under the golden evening sun, and the harbor.

Make sure you grab ice cream on Voglia Meta or Gelateria Belfer Gelto and Psychoclato.

Ride to a scaled torch

A short distance from the Valley of the Temples, you will find the Scalai Trichy. Here you can enjoy the silver limestone mountains and soft sand beaches.

Discover the Tora Salsa Nature Reserve

This treasure trove of nature is found in Selenium and Agargento on the other, which makes it an ideal break from the ancient monuments around it.

Sandy also has a large beach to relax people.

Go to Aegean Islands

Depositphotos via photo in Leonzo Island Sicily
Depositphotos via photo in Leonzo Island Sicily

Aegean Island is a great day trip or, if you have time, several days. Boats leave Trapani on these islands a few times a day, so getting there is no problem.

The top 3 on the Aegean island include Maritimo, Fiognana and Leonzo.

See the most beautiful beaches in Sicily

Favignana Island in Sicily, Italy
Favignana Island in Sicily, Italy

If Sicily Island beaches are on your bucket list, there are so many sandy beaches on the island that you may not be able to see them all.

The most famous are Asola Bella, Cala Rosa (found on the island of Fugana), San Vito Lu Capo Beach, and Clamus Beach.

See Cephalo Cathedral

Inside the Cephalo Cathedral
Inside the Cephalo Cathedral

The Cephalo Cathedral is believed to have been built by Roger II of King Norman, as a formal vow to his people to ward off the storm.

The church is one of the most beautiful buildings on the island, combining Greek, Arab, Norman, and Byzantine elements.

Ride a cable car on Mount Atna

DepositPhotos by Sylvester Craters and Cable Car Atna Volcano, Sicily, Italy
DepositPhotos by Sylvester Craters and Cable Car Atna Volcano, Sicily, Italy

Standing more than 3,000 meters, Mount Atana is the highest peak on the island. The secret mountain is always covered with volcanic smoke. Despite the volcanic activity, visitors can find most of the mountain on foot or in vehicles. But the best way is to get on a cable car, which will take you up to 2500 meters.

Tour Platinum Chapel and Royal Palace

Platinum Chapel in Sicily
Platinum Chapel in Sicily

The Platinum Chapel was completed in 1143 and is located inside the gardens of the Royal Palace in Palermo. The whole complex includes a variety of styles, including Sicilian, European, Arabic and Byzantine.

You can explore this vast complex through a guided tour.

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