Smart 5G Benefits Mobile Gamers – Smart

Smart 5G Benefits Mobile Gamers – Smart

Smart Mobile sees gamers benefiting from Smart 5G

M.Anila, Philippines – PLDT’s wireless arm, Smart Communications, Inc. believes that Smart5G benefits its mobile games and sports market.

In fact, the athletes at The Nationals, the first and only franchise-based esports league in the Philippines, participated in a 5G-run sports exhibition match that took place at the PLDT headquarters in Makati City.

Smart Mobile sees gamers benefiting from Smart 5G
Smart Mobile sees gamers benefiting from Smart 5G

Athletes from Signal Ultra Warriors and PLDT Smart Omega used the latest 5G handsets along with Smart’s 5G network in the aforementioned match. These handsets include OPPO Renault 5G, Huawei Mate 5G, and ZTE Xeon 5G.

Smart also plans to deploy Indoor 5G coverage to support the Nationals’ sports teams in their training.

It may be recalled that in the recently concluded 30th Southeast Asian Games, the Philippines made a few gold medals in esports events – such as Mobile Legends, Dota 2 and Star Craft 2.

Smart Company President and CEO and Chief Revenue Officer of PLDT Alfredo S. Pinelio said the company is a strong supporter of the industry which is undoubtedly growing day by day.

Panellio said, “Part of this commitment is making our best technology available for sports development in the country.

Not all of these are smart for mobile gamers. In fact, the company teamed up with Filipinos national esports team Sabol during the 30th SEA Games. The company offers concessions for athletes, including gold.

The company also set up a special 5G showcase in New Clark City with the aim of showcasing new apps that have been made possible for fans in the Philippines through 5G technology.

For the bias side, 5G, which stands for fifth generation wireless broadband technology, identifies extremely low speeds as well as extremely low speeds, which are considered key factors in providing a better gaming experience.

The Nationals ‘commissioner Darren Vittog looks excited that 5G offers the Nationals’ athletes, especially inferiority, as a way to maximize response times.

Replay for strategic steps and reviews is also beneficial in terms of instant download and access to VOD.

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