The Ultimate List of the Best Hotels in Trondheim, Norway

The Ultimate List of the Best Hotels in Trondheim, Norway

Where to Stay in Tordham: List of the top 10 hotels in Tordham

TRondheim is a city located in Trundlag, Norway’s second largest county. As of January 2020, the city has a population of about 200 200,000, making it the third most populous municipality in Norway, though it is the fourth largest urban area in the country.

Best hotels in Tordheim, Norway
Best hotels in Tordheim, Norway

The city is famous for Norway’s Science and Technology University (NTNU), the Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (SINTEF), St. Olaus University Hospital, and other technology-based institutions. Tornham also serves as the county mayor’s seat, though not a governing center. In addition to the city’s fascinating past, Tordheim is also known for its vibrant and awe-inspiring landscapes, the wealth of activities it offers and its abundance in wildlife. The krona, which is a frequent form of currency, is the currency of Norway.

Tornham is really worth a visit, considering that it is one of the most photojacked cities in Europe. If you are wondering where you can stay, we’ve compiled a list of the best hotels in this city.

Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel, Tordham

Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel, Tordham
Rooms at Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel, Trondheim

Address: Kjopmannsgt 73, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

Prices start from US $ 156

Check prices and availability

With 298 rooms, this beautiful hotel combines beauty and functionality. Each room features complimentary Wi-Fi, a one-room coffee, a sophisticated and minimalist design, a dry cleaning service, a complete fitness center, room safe, and walking trails.

This port hotel is exactly what the picture made for the perfect moment. Its lush gardens with beautiful plants certainly win the hearts of all nature lovers. This Garden Hotel welcomes the food you love by offering a sophisticated Nordic à la carte menu, access to many walking distance of the city, and a hotel full of unforgettable travel memories. included. Book this hotel, sit down and relax because of course you will have a great time.

Best Western Plus Hotel Baccarat

Best Western Plus Hotel Beckett's Face
Best Western Plus Hotel Beckett’s Face

Address: Brattørgata 2, 7010 Tordheim, Norway

Prices start from US $ 301

Check prices and availability

Dreaming of a noisy hotel room that is spacious, modern and easy yet amazing? The Best Western Plus Hotel Beckett is the same dream and bright room. Looking forward to filling you in with a hearty breakfast for a relaxing and relaxing day.

The various attractions you can see after your healthy and satisfying breakfast are Trondheim Maritime Museum, Tordheim Central Station, Nordic Gate Shopping Street, Stiffsgarden, Old Town Bridge, Trompecycle Lift, Nationwide Arts. City Hall, Nords Cathedral. , And the Tordham Art Museum. With so many nearby places to go, make sure you fill in. Bring your camera with you to capture the perfect moment!

Thun Hotel Tordham

Rooms at Thon Hotel Tordham
Rooms at Thon Hotel Tordham

Address: Coons Gate 15, 7013 Tordham, Norway

Prices start from US $ 182

Check prices and availability

The Thon Hotel Tornheim offers rooms that are modern, sleek in design, and colorful. Every morning with a breakfast buffet awaiting you, you are convinced that you need all the energy to get out. Visiting the city, in the center of Tordham, is a must. Marinan Park, Justice Museum, Tordheim Central Station, Christensen Fortress, Saint Olave University, Hertegarten Terminal Tordheim, NNA House, Lerkendall Staden, Schwarzberg, SINTEF Ocean, and much to see! Get ready to be amazed at the many great things Norway has to offer by one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

City Living Skylar Hotel

City Living School in Tordheim Norway
City Living School in Tordheim Norway

Address: DrowningGennette 26, 7011 Tordheim, Norway

Prices start from US $ 110

Check prices and availability

City Living Skylar Hotel offers you a great experience at a low price. Its wide windows allow you to see the life of the city right from your hotel room. The rooms have a sense of simplicity in its design and furnishings. Neutral colors eliminate a vast and expensive vibe, running at random. Not only is it perfect for daily living, but it’s also perfect for hotel guests who want to make sure nothing is left behind during the stay.

The hotel generously offers complimentary amenities such as fast wi-fi, desk, fridge or mini kitchen. In this hotel, in the middle of the city, the most famous places are minutes away. Visit the Archbishop’s Palace, Marinan Park, the Justice Museum, Christensen Fortress, Herrington Terminal Trondheim, St. Olave University, DNA House, SINTEF Ocean, Lerkindale Stadion, and Schwarzberg.

Quality Hotel Augustine

Twin Bed in the Quality Hotel Augustine
Twin Bed in the Quality Hotel Augustine

Address: Cons Gate 26, 7011 Tordham, Norway

Prices start from US $ 174

Check prices and availability

Quality Hotel Augustine offers quality and affordable hotels all in one, perfect for travelers who travel a lot. Its design uses neutral colors that everyone can admire. Completely complemented TV and the Internet are even more appealing. Every morning, enjoy the choice of coffee, the availability of traditional newspapers and a delicious meal. Two minutes to the hotel, you will find their fitness partner, Fitness Center in Latin Hutan, which has two floors of all the equipment you need to do a proper workout session. If you prefer jogging over a natural landscape, they have only one option. This hotel is a pet friend, so bring your loved ones on this beautiful holiday!

Whether alone or in love, you can go to a landing hop. Your route includes Mariann Park, Tordheim Central Station, Justice Museum, Christensen Fortress, St. Olave University, Herrington Terminal Tondheim, NNA House, Lerkendall Stadion, Soaresburg, and SINTEF Auschwitz. The hotel is Agustin.

Clarion Hotel Tordham

Clarion Hotel and Congress Tordheim in Norway
Clarion Hotel and Congress Tordheim in Norway

Address: Brattørkaia 1, 7010 Tordheim, Norway

Prices start from US $ 196

Check prices and availability

The value of the hotel’s architecture, modern design, interesting places to eat, beautiful landscapes make it an unprecedented choice. The well-designed and well-lit room speaks to practicality. Each room has a comfy bed that includes their own clarion pillow, work desk, a bright bathroom, fast Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, and top-notch service.

The location of this hotel is significant because many famous landmarks are accessible such as Nederus Cathedral, Christina Fortress, Archbishop’s Palace, Justice Museum, Marinan Park, St. Olave University University, DNA House, and the London Study.

Comfort Hotel Tordheim

Rooms at the Comfort Hotel Trondheim
Rooms at the Comfort Hotel Trondheim

Address: Crumbaghta 3, 7011 Tordham, Norway

Prices start from US $ 290

Check prices and availability

This hotel is designed with great comfort in mind. Everybody is rich in architectural intelligence, looking to provide less than a domestic sound. All 194 beautifully styled rooms were designed by one and only Anders Bjرنrn. When you have breakfast, the sunlight shines in the breakfast room and assures you of a great day ahead. Their breakfast buffet includes a wide selection of delicious scandinavian specialties, most of which are made from organic produce. If you have eaten more than enough and would like to lose more pounds, you can hit the gym at any time. It’s open, 24/7!

If you prefer to travel as a workout, you have chosen this hotel. It gives you easy access to the Archbishop’s Palace, Christensen Fortress, Marin Park, Hertegarten Terminal Tondheim, Justice Museum, St. Olave University, SINTEF Ocean, The Nena House, Lerkindale Stadion, and Swiorsburg.

British Hotel

Deals in the British Hotel Tordham
Deals in the British Hotel Tordham

Address: Drunnings Gate 5, 7401 Tordham, Norway

Prices start from US $ 336

Check prices and availability

When you’re staying at this hotel, prepare for a romantic journey, culinary experience and culturally rich travel. Booking a room at the British Hotel gives you the chance to access their fine restaurants, exciting bars, relaxing spas, exciting cultural events and their fitness center.

Their breakfast spot, Palm Haven, is a unique experience in itself. The stunning menu at Palm Haven is off to the best ingredients with a hint of historical inspiration.

Want to get around the hotel? Explore famous places like Archbishop’s Palace, Marianne Park, Christensen Fortress, Justice Museum, Herrington Terminal Tondheim, St. Olavez University Hospital, SINTEF Athens, The Nena House, Lorendal Stadion, and Schwarzberg.

* Tordham hotel rates are subject to change without prior notice. Please check the Agoda Reviews for the latest hotel rates, room availability, and hotel promotions.

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