Travel films to watch | STA Travel Blog

Travel films to watch | STA Travel Blog

One of the lessons of living in lockdown, the extra time is that we have to do all the things we say we never had time to do before. (Say it quickly). Yoga, Baking, Binging is watching the latest season of MoneyHist in 48 hours.

We are not ignoring these classic movies Between, Mama Mia Or Eat, pray, love Whether we want to visit Thailand, the Greek islands or we find ourselves dreaming of finding like Julia Roberts in Italy, Bali and India. However, here are six of our current wide-ranging favorites that will help keep your walk-in closet alive.


Destination: Fiji

Although we all feel a bit like Tom Hanks right now (befriending isolated and possibly inanimate objects), the Castway was filmed on a beautiful island in Fiji and arrives at the island’s destination. This was one of the reasons for the increasing number of visitors.

Roman holiday

Destination: Italy

Many films have been made for this purpose in Rome, or Italy, which are making us dream of our next holiday when travel is safe. Italian standard of everything. This black and white classic takes you around Rome, and it shows everything that this everlasting city has to offer today.

The Adventures of Priscilla

Destination: Australia

The film highlights the Australian outback as two drag queens and a transgender woman perform eccentric movements on a school bus from Sydney to Alice Springs. Who doesn’t have a road trip on the bucket list across Australia ?!

Darjeeling Limited

Purpose: India

As in Eight, Pro, Pyaar, the focus of this film is on three brothers who are searching for souls all over India. Imagine vibrantly colored cities and spiritual enlightenment as you prepare for your next destination.

Lost in translation

Destination: Japan

How better it is to experience Japanese culture from my living room than to watch Lost in Translation, and visit Shobia Crossing or sing at the Tokyo Bar with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson.


Destination: Airport

We had to get involved. Because, well, we’re all thinking about the moment we’re allowed to go to the airport again;

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