What is it like to travel to Turkey during Ramadan Time?

What is it like to travel to Turkey during Ramadan Time?

T.The urkey is a miracle to watch. Geographically, it is within Eurasia and shares its heritage with neighboring Asian and European countries. Religiously, Turkey is a Muslim-majority country, and Islam plays a major role in its culture and way of life.

What is it like to travel to Turkey during Ramadan?
What is it like to travel to Turkey during Ramadan?

Ramadan is the fasting month of Islam, where food and drink are avoided. Ramadan in Turkey can certainly be difficult and difficult for first-time travelers, especially if they are not Muslims themselves.

This article is a discussion for those concerned if Turkish Ramadan will affect their travel plans.

Is there any significant difference between Ramadan and Turkey?

According to locals, there is no significant difference between the month of Ramadan in Turkey and the month of Ramadan. As usual, the restaurants are busy. And the bars still serve beer. It seems to be the same in cities and towns. It is said that there is no significant difference between Ramadan in Istanbul (the capital city) and Ramadan in Altenkam (a small town off the Aegean coast).

Interestingly, when you ask Turkish locals if they fast in Ramadan, you will find that most of them will tell you that they do not.

How is Ramadan celebrated in Turkey?
How is Ramadan celebrated in Turkey?

Will Ramadan in Turkey affect my travel plans?

If you are visiting tourist destinations, the locals there are probably associated with the tourism industry. These people will do their best to accommodate their customers, who are mostly foreigners and non-Muslims.

If you are a tourist, and you are not a Muslim, you may not notice that Ramadan has begun. The only event that will remind you of Ramadan is the swinging of the drum boys in the early morning before sunrise. This is a reminder to fasting Muslims that they only have food until sunrise and fill themselves all day long.

Tourists endure long work shifts, sunny and harsh conditions. Although there are many reasons why one might choose not to fast during Ramadan, the extreme working conditions of tourist workers are likely to be one of them.

Ramadan in Turkey
Ramadan in Turkey

Visiting other rural areas during Ramadan

If your trip to Turkey includes a trip to the countryside far from the city, you are likely to meet most of the locals who are fasting.

People in rural areas are more inclined to practice their beliefs because of their unwavering lifestyle. Some business owners may choose to close their business even if there are not enough people who do not fast during this period. They can also be close to praying in mosques during the day or in their prayer room.

The last three days of Ramadan

The last three days of Ramadan are Turkey’s national holidays, known locally as Seker Bairam. Expect government offices and small businesses to close for three days. However, large restaurants and bars are likely to remain open.

So to answer this question, visiting Turkey during Ramadan will not affect your travel plans. If anything, you will hardly see it, especially if you live in more modern cities.

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