What’s Fun in Pangasinan: Fun Activities to Do in Pangasinan

What’s Fun in Pangasinan: Fun Activities to Do in Pangasinan

P.Angasinan is a vast province that offers a variety of activities to tourists. With cities with different skills, topography, and services, planning a trip to Pangasinan can be quite daunting.

No worries as this list includes all the fun activities you can do in Pangasinan. These activities cover different types. From adventure to religious escape you will definitely find a place that is perfect for your own travel preferences.

Visit Mt.

The quiet town is located in Baglun, 2 hours away from Dagupan town (one of the main cities of this province), Mt. Zion Peelgram Mountain.

Photo of Mount Zion Pelgram via Mount FB Page
Photo of Mount Zion Pelgram via Mount FB Page

From the top of this Hajjaj mountain, a view of Pangasanan, as well as its neighboring province of Zambelas, is offered throughout the province. The long track is definitely worth a look. Above is a replica of the Christ Redeemer statue in Brazil.

The Long Track Cross offers a complete station and also has a variety of fruit trees. There is

While many travelers do not mention the mount. Zion Pelgram Mountain, this is definitely the best place to find your own meaning of meditation and religion. I wanted to add it to this list because the journey to Bagalon is definitely worth the peace that this pilgrim mountain has. Needless to say, it is also the center of attention of other nearby tourists.

Take a sunbath in Tendulkar White Sand Beach

Tendulk White Sand Beach is in Inda, Pangasanan. Anda is considered a beach town, and is the only city in the province.

Tondol Beach by Michelle Yum: Tendul Facebook page
Tondol Beach by Michelle Yum: Tendul Facebook page

When it came to tourist attractions in Pangasanan, Tendulkar White Sand Beach was heavily publicized and talked about. At the moment, unlike other Pandasan hotspots, Anda City tourism is still booming.

This white sand beach offers a great view of the horizon and the perfect place for sunbathing. The sun is always dark and polluted and even the locals get naturally tired.

There are also volleyball courts, hemaxes and cottages that can be used with your preferences.

Go on an adventure at the Desoland Family Theme Park

Dasoland Family Adventure Park is located in the town of Dingol, Pangasanan. This famous city is just one from the city of Aminos, which hosts the island of Hundred.

Dasoland Family Adventure Park
Dasoland Family Adventure Park

Dasoland is a 62 hectare resort / theme park with many attractions from the environment, animal attractions, ponds, gazebos, picnic areas to children’s playgrounds.

It’s definitely family friendly and your kids of course. Enjoy your time at this resort. They can also learn history at the villa, where World War II memorabilia is kept and displayed.

There are also rooms to stay if you want to go for more than one night.

Ride with Dang Kalikasan

Dang Kalikasan is a natural reserve with the Pangasanan and Zambulis road completed only in January 2020. It had not yet become a tourist destination because it had not yet been completed. It comes from the towns of Iguliar and Mangatirum in Pangasinan.

Photo of Dang Kalikasan Road via FB Page
Photo of Dang Kalikasan Road via FB Page

The beauty of Dang Kalikasan is unparalleled because you enjoy the view of nature conservation.

It is popular for locals to ride their motorbikes or motorbikes on this road as they enjoy the calm breeze of nature. Many tourists also stop on this road to take pictures of the aesthetic Instagram against the scenery of beauty.

It should definitely be on the bucket list of every country you visit.

Catch and shop at the Pangasinan Trade Fair and Expo

This is the only activity on this list that is not available all year round. This only happens for a long period of one month each year, along with the provincial capital, Langen.

Country Fish or Bangs in Pangasinan
Country Fish or Bangs in Pangasinan

The Pangasinan Trade Fair and Expo is organized by the provincial government and is open from early April to early May. It has been opened as part of the Pistachio Diet (Sea Festival) celebrations.

The trade fair is organized by Biok, it has seen the Langen Bay and is best visited at night when the colorful lights come on in the dark. Truly, this is a paradise on earth.

There are lots of activities to do, such as watching a Bonzai exhibition or gardening competition, or sampling modern traditional Pangasinan food, or eating from a disposable banana leaf plate, or enjoying a band playing tonight. ۔

These are just some of the fun activities you can do in Pangasinan, as a local man says he has enjoyed all of them all his life. Who are you waiting for? Now travel to Pangasanan.

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