Your weekly Adventure Agenda: Explore Australia from home

Your weekly Adventure Agenda: Explore Australia from home

We’re going out back out.

This week, we’re taking our Lockdown Day Dreams all the way. Australia Australia سفر A trip to Australia with a 360 virtual tour, an interactive scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef with everyone’s favorite Nangeen (David Attenborough), and – to keep your spirits up – a Watsunda Island iced tea.

No passport required, just a hobby. (And Wi-Fi) # Stop_Original

Dive with David

There is only one thing that can improve a virtual dive on the Great Barrier Reef, and that is to make Sir David your diving friend. Learn about life under the waves from the world’s greatest storyteller on this interactive journey. Plus, a cameo from Obama! The brain was blown.

Find out in 360

Try before you fly! Thanks to Tourism Australia (and some beautiful epic drone footage) you can actually discover some of Australia’s 360 greatest wonders. The series includes Whitsundies, the Great Ocean Road, the Great Barrier Reef and the Budlcom Cascade.

Crush these boys

Get inspired for your Australia road trip by following our favorite Aussie Brave ٹی Salty Travelers (Monique, Jasper and their dog Bowie). The advisory warning will crush a serious journey. Also, you know, the dogs that travel. Scroll down to knock down

Combine this White Island Iced Tea

With it the soul is strong!
One cocktail share 1/3 oz rum, 1/3 oz gin, 1/3 oz tequila, 1/3 oz vodka, 1/3 oz cantaloupe, 2/3 ounce lemon juice, 1/3 oz sugar syrup and Add ice. Shake and squeeze into an ice-filled glass. Top with lemon zest, cola and garnish. Finally, imagine that you are on the island of Whitesunds. Embed Tweet

Get out of here

Along with ACDC, Australia is also home to some of the oldest rocks. Consider, for example, Aloro, 600 million years old! Learn about these 360 ​​کی videos in Alorro-Kata Jajuta National Park about the Red Center’s sacred sites and their cultural significance from their traditional owners.

Warm like Hemsworth

Tourism Australia recently hosted a series of live events over the weekend. Remember it? See them here. The videos include workouts with trainers by Chris Hemsworth, sunrise yoga with Byron Bay elements, and a BBQ kick with Hayden Quinn, the Aussie master chef’s favorite.

Make a difference

For many of us, the time of home channel surfing has forced us to think and think about the future again. Maybe this future will include dreaming and training to become a surf instructor at Mojo Surf Academy? Or at least, that should include watching this awesome video.

Cooking with Maggie

Join the national treasury and the great Australian back-up, Maggie Beer, for free lockdown kicking classes from her home in Borussia. Learn how to cook Danish home spin dishes (with the added benefit of being invasive around a famous person’s kitchen).

Visit the Opera House

Fancy a night at the museum? From the Virtual Tours at the Sydney Opera House to the online exhibits at the Australian National Surfing Museum, get lost in the cultural rabbit hole of the Google Art and Culture’s Virtual Museum, Galleries and Tours.

For more inspiration, visit our Australian Destination Guide. Or call for chat. We are WFH, but the usual business of travel planning and cyber Higgs.

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