Your weekly Adventure Agenda: Explore Japan from home

Your weekly Adventure Agenda: Explore Japan from home

Make it fake until you make it there.

The 2020 Olympics may be postponed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t run around Japan – at least. To be full River Forward with 360 Tours, a to stay alive feed Of Nagano’s famous snow monkeys, And your own Japanese ‘On-نامیTo drink Party

No passport required, just a hobby. (And Wi-Fi) # Stop_Original

Do the full 360

late-nTokyo’s night floors, early morning Kyoto Buddhist prayers, Take a 360 ° virtual tour around Japan With this 3 minute VR movie. If you don’t have VR glasses, no problem, Only Switch to a glass of wine.

See Snow monkey

W.اتچ Wild snow monkey (It’s just the name of their band, they are Originally Japanese When they enter via online camera Nagano is famous Hot springs This is a live food, so log in during the day. At night, they stop doing monkey business.

Visit Tokyo Team Lab Museum

Since opening To do Insta پگھار hype (And probably an eye-watering electricity bill), The world’s first digital art museum Now right there with Mt. Must see as a Japanese soldier. This Videos Give a taste of full depth and neon splendor.

Curl up and read

The only village in the village If we are being honest, we had the title of Scottish author, Constitution Maloney. And then he transferred us completely to the rural Japan in terms of his passionate and passionate life as the only stranger in the villages.

Watch on Netflix

The status of the national treasury and tThe green Michelin star is just like the sushi master. Filmed in part from its 10-core restaurant on a Tokyo subway. Sushi’s Zero Dreams The 85-year-old sushi chef, Jiro Ono, has a remarkable story. Currently available on Netflix.

Go to a cat cafe

Surprisingly, Japan has one enHere’s a list of popular sites you can stay alive: including the Panda Wall at Yuno Zoo, Hokkaido’s Ski Slopes, and Tokyo’s famous Shibia Crossing. Or our personal Favorite This Cat Cafe in Kyoto.

For cultures

From How Create the perfect Bento box on the world famous fish market virtual tour, Google Arts & Culture Will take you to an alice-esque The rabbit hole in Japan’s food-eating world, Art and History.

Throw away the party called On

Cheap drinking Lockdown On alcohol a video Call To do The rest of the world, ThIs Current Trend Drinking online with friends has given rise to a new word in Japan: on-نامی, Or ン 飲 In japanese YesAnd saké And share your screen.

Learn to meditate

Feeling pressured? Head priest at Taizu in the Zen Buddhist temple In Kyoto to teach Zen Budhism is known as meditation زازین online. First video, subtitlesd In English, teaches basic posture and breathing Technique.

Run a roller coaster

Tokyo’s killer ideas Take a virtual one Ride On Famous Dome City Rollercoaster. T.“The feeling of an empty ghost town only adds to the general shortage,” he said oF. Full experience if you stream Want Go fast?

Stop and smell the roses

Okay, so they are In fact, tulips, But ایMany years between March and May HitaChi beach park I burst a the sea of the the color There is a park Currently Off, but you can Enjoy the famous flowers with a 360 virtual tour.

For more inspiration, see our Japan Destination Guide. Or call for chat. We are WFH, but the usual business of travel planning and cyber Higgs.

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